How to Update Motorola Moto G with SlimLP Android 5.0.2 Alpha 1 ROM

Moto G Smartphone users can have the access to SlimLP Android 5.0.2 Alpha builds now. In order to catch the update for your Smartphone, catch the following steps carefully.

Update Motorola Moto G with SlimLP Android 5.0.2 Alpha 1 ROM

SlimLP runs on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop AOSP builds. It consists of a lot of additional features like RRO Layers supports, Doze ambient display, and a lot more.

How to Update Motorola Moto G with SlimLP Android 5.0.2 Alpha 1 ROM


  • The following guidelines are made for the Motorola Moto G only.
  • Make sure that your device has at least 80% battery backup while doing this process.
  • Enable a proper custom recovery tool like CWM or TWRP on your device.
  • Install required USB drivers on your PC and USB Debugging Mode on your Smartphone.

Steps to flash SlimLP Android 5.0.2 Alpha 1 ROM for Moto G 1st Gen:

Step 1: You can begin the process by downloading the SlimLP 5.0.2 alpha 1 ROM file.

Step 2: Now, go ahead with the downloading of Gapps for SlimLP ROMs.

Step 3: Connect your smartphone to your PC via USB cable and then move the files to its internal storage. Using a USB cord, connect your Smartphone with PC. Move all the above downloaded files to the internal memory with unzipping them. Disconnect your device from the PC once it’s done successfully. Switch off your Moto G Smartphone now.

Step 4: In the Custom Recovery Mode, boot your device.

Step 5: A new NANDROID Backup can be created now with the custom recovery tool you’ve.

Step 6: Move ahead with the Factory Reset of your device.

Step 7: Now, you can begin the installation process of SlimLP Android 5.0.2 Alpha 1 ROM installation on your device. This can be done by selecting ‘install zip from sdcard’. From that, click on ‘choose zip from sdcard’ in the case of CWM; whereas click on ‘install’ in the case of TWRP.

Step 8: Seek for the ROM zip file. Carry on with the installation process of the new custom ROM.

Step 9: Repeat the above steps for flashing your Gapps zip files as well.

Step 10: You can reboot your Smartphone in normal mode once every file listed above are installed correctly.

It may take some time for the process to complete. Once everything is done correctly, then you can begin using your Moto G working on SlimLP Android 5.0.2 Alpha 1 ROM.

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