Update Android 4.2 Jelly Bean XDuosV3 ROM on Galaxy Y S5360-Tutorial

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy Y is below and even though we are not talking about a main launch of Jelly Bean for your Android mobile phone you will certainly still be able to enjoy everything that’s new from Android system on your own Galaxy Y device. So, as you can currently tell, we will certainly be examining the best ways to set up an Android 4.2 based customized ROM; the firmware is called as XDuosV3, brings JB 4.2 OS and is compatible by applying Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. If you want to test this new custom update, don’t hesitate as well as check the tips from below.
Samsung Galaxy Y is a mid range Android mobile phone that will certainly not receive OTA updates. Therefore, mounting a customized ROM firmware, such as XDuosV3 is the only method possible for obtaining the most up to date variations of Android OS on their own devices. So, if you are believing in upgrading your Galaxy Y to Android 4.2 Jelly Grain software program, after that this detailed quick guide will be perfect for you. Do note though that XDuosV3 isn’t an official update and also that this tutorial is describing an unofficial update procedure.
XDuosV3 represents a cost-free aftermarket circulation of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean system. The personalized ROM has absolutely nothing to do by applying Samsung and by applying Google, the firmware being only based on stock Jelly Grain OS. Therefore, on your Galaxy Y you will install a custom variant of Android 4.2 that possesses its own functions, applications, capabilities, UI and more. In addition, by applying XDuosV3 you will certainly get stock and extra (that can not be discovered on the default variation of Android software) functions, thus the ROM can be used for raising the performances of your Samsung Galaxy Y.
With XDuosV3 flashed you will have the ability to access the inner system of your Galaxy Y as well as execute personalized procedures like: overclocking the CPU, getting rid of in built programs, eliminating bloatware, including new features and so forth. Moreover, this ROM can be utilized for bumping the speeds of your Android mobile phone, for updating its batter life as well as for customizing the Android OS. Android 4.2 Jelly Bean XDuosV3 personalized ROM features great features like: completely deodexed, Zipaligned, Pre rooted, Init.d support, Nano full-screen editor, Busybox installed, Bash covering support as well as whole lot more.
Now, if you intend to enjoy all that as well as more, don’t wait and also blink Android 4.2 Jelly Grain XDuosV3 ROM on your Galaxy Y by making using of the tips from below. First of all, keep in mind that this is a hands-on update operation that isn’t really official. Be careful when applying this tutorial as if you mess things up, you could wind up in bricking your Android mobile phone.
Firstly, you have to root your Galaxy Y or else you will not have the ability to update it to Android 4.2 JB OS. The XDuosV3 ROM will need to access some inner files and by rooting you could give the pointed out gain access to. Then, after acquiring origin accessibility you also need to install the most up to date version of CWM or TWRP recuperation on your phone. The personalized rehabilitation graphic is very important as the same will be utilized on the update treatment, so don’t avoid these operations.
Make sure when applying it because you will certainly be executing informal procedures. Because of that, after gaining origin accessibility the service warranty of your tool will get gap. You could bring back the service warranty afterwards yet only by downgrading your Galaxy Y to stock Android OS.
On the other hand a data backup is being called for. Why? Well, as you will certainly view below, throughout the upgrade treatment a rub will be called for– the clean will certainly be used using custom healing photo. So, if you have actually something vital minimized the internal storage space memory of your phone, it will certainly be a smart idea to back it all up. Mostly it is suggested to backup the get in touches with list, the phone call logs, EFS folder, market apps, text messages, personal information, details and accounts as well as the existing ROM– by making a Nandroid backup (by doing this you can save/ restore the current firmware without utilizing a committed step by step guide like the here and now one).
Additionally a computer will be required while you phone and also its USB wire have to be near you because a connection between your gadget as well as your COMPUTER will certainly need to be developed. In order to appropriately attach your tools, first on your Samsung Galaxy Y you need to enable the USB debugging choice by visiting path “menu– setups– developer choices”. Furthermore, on your computer system prior to going any kind of further deactivate the safety protection considering that the antivirus programs for example may disrupt the installation procedure. Your smartphone has to have at the very least 50 % power left; else it could obtain switched off (and also bricked) in the center of the update procedure– the best will certainly be to connect in the charger.
Remember that you must utilize this quick guide only if you own the Samsung Galaxy Y version number S5360. Android 4.2 Jelly Bean XDuosV3 ROM has been created just for the pointed out device (by those of xda-developers so we have to thank them for this tutorial) otherwise you will probably end up in bricking your Android based gadget.

Update Galaxy Y S5360 to Android 4.2 Jelly bean (Full Tutorial)

  1. Download the zip file of Android 4.2 Jelly bean for Galaxy Y S5360 to your PC, Click here
  2. Connect your device Galaxy Y S5360 using a USB cable to mount the downloaded ROM to SD-Card
  3. Copy/paste the Android 4.2 Jelly bean as well as Google Apps zip files to the root folder
  4. Detach the device Galaxy Y S5360 from your PC and switch it off
  5. While you switch on the Galaxy Y S5360 , press and hold the power button with volume up and down buttons
  6. Now select “wipe data factory reset” from Recovery Mode
  7. Next step is to select “wipe cache partition”
  8. Go back to the menu option and select “Advance”, from there choose “wipe dalvick cache”
  9. Once again move to the recovery mode. This time select on the option “install zip from SD card”
  10. Select the zip file saved in the root folder on the SD card

It’s completed, these simple 10 steps will help in installing Android 4.2 Jelly bean on your device Galaxy Y S5360 . What next? Now, you know how to install and you have done it successfully. Follow the same steps and install G-Apps to the device. Finally, after finishing all the installing reboot the device by choosing “reboot system now” option. It’s done. We hope you have completed updating the device Galaxy Y S5360 to Android 4.2 Jelly bean . Thank you.

Disclaimer: This update Android 4.2 Jelly bean for your device Galaxy Y S5360 is not made by us or this team. Any failure in the installation of Android 4.2 Jelly bean or destruction for Galaxy Y S5360 , we’re not responsible. Proceed at your own risk.

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