Steps to Unlock HTC Butterfly 3 Bootloader

HTC Butterfly is one the best models that come out from the house of HTC. If you want to get out the full potential of this device, you must know how to ROOT this device. The rooting process needs the device to be unlocked, and you can easily unlock your HTC Butterfly 3 by following this step by step guide. You can enjoy your device without dealing with the factory restrictions. Unlocking the device consists of many dedicated procedures. Please read this guide carefully to Unlock your HTC Butterfly 3.

Your device will be packed with default locked internal system when bought. This will have many restrictions that are preloaded. It will also pack with several building apps and bloatware. These are the restriction that won’t allow you to use your device entirely on your likes and prevent you from doing custom operations. To do all this, you must unlock your HTC Butterfly.

  • Please note that you will be losing the warranty of the device when you have unlocked the device bootloader. So please think twice before starting to unlock the device. This is a complex process that is only recommended for advanced users. Please follow this steps if you are an advanced user. The root process is made available by third party devs and not an official process. After unlocking the bootloader of your device, you can perform several operations like installing a custom recovery image, and you can install custom ROMs on your device after performing this initial step of unlocking the bootloader of your HTC Butterfly 3.
  • Please make suer that you have made a backup of your personal data and a complete system backup before starting the process. To make a backup you can use a backup and restore app that is available in the app store.
  • Please ensure that you have disabled the antivirus and other security programs in your PC before starting the procedure.
  • Please ensure that you have the USB cable to connect your device to the PC.
  • Enable USB debugging in your device before beginning the operation. To Enable USB debugging on your device, go to settings of your phone and unhide the developers options by tapping several times in the build number. Now go to settings again and go to developers options and enable USB debugging.
  • Please make sure your HTC Butterfly is charged with a minimum of 60% before starting this process. Low battery levels can interrupt the process, and there is a chance of bricking your device.
  • To unlock the bootloader of your HTC Butterfly three, you must first Gain S- off on your device before starting the procedure.
  • Warning: please note that you device warranty will be lost after performing this process. And this process consists of risk and we recommend this only for advanced users, we won’t be responsible for any mistakes happened.

How to Unlock The Bootloader of HTC Butterfly 3

  1. Please install the HTC Butterfly 3 drivers in your PC before starting the procedure.  Install the Android SDK also.
  2. Using the USB cable connect your HTC Butterfly 3 to the computer.
  3. Open the Android SDK Folder and open a command prompt window there, to open the command window, right click in the Android SDK Directory pressing the shift key, you will see an open a command window here option.
  4. Enter the command to enter into the bootloader menu in your HTC Butterfly 3. type: “ADB reboot bootloader” and your device will enter into the bootloader menu.
  5. Enter the command to list out the fast boot devices. Enter the command “fastboot devices” in the command window to list the fast boot device, your HTC Butterfly 3 will be listed there.
  6. To unlock the bootloader of your HTC Butterfly3, you must enter the command “fast boot OEM unlock” in the same window.
  7. After that enter the command to unlock the bootloader, please enter the command “fast boot reboot” to reboot your device.
  8. If your device enters into a boot loop then you must perform a system wipe by entering into the recovery mode of your device, after entering the recovery mode please select “wipe data factory reset”, “wipe cache partition” and “wipe Dalvik cache”.
  9. After that reboot your device by selecting the reboot option.
  10. Your device bootloader is now successfully unlocked. If you have any queries about this process, please feel free to comment in the comments section.

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