Steps to Root One Plus X – How to ?

One Plus X is a great device which is released recently from the One plus. This smartphone is packed with a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor and a 3GB of RAM. many users f this device are waiting to unlock the full potential of this device by Rooting the OnePlus X. Today we will be discussing on how to root OnePlus X. Recently we have told you about how to unlock the bootloader of the device and by following this article you can understand how to ROOT OnePlus X. The Rooting process can only be done after unlocking the bootloader of OnePlus x.

Note: Please note that Rooting, flashing etc is an advanced process and must be done by at most care. we request only advanced users should do the process and first of all, we won’t take any responsibility of any issues.


Please make sure that your OnePlus X is having enough battery to do the process. make sure it has at least 70 % of charge available in it. if not charge your device.

Create a backup of the personal data and other information in the smartphone. you can use backup and Restore Softwares to do the task.

Install basic Fastboot and ADB tools to your system and Install it in your system. this will help you to ROOT your One plus x

Download the drivers of One Plus X to your system and install them in your PC for easy connectivity.

Enable the USB debugging option in your one plus x. you can do it by going into the settings of the phone and unhide the developers option by going into settings > about phone  > tap on the built number several times, this will unhide the developer option in the settings.

Now go to settings > developers options > enable USB debugging

Now you can install a custom recovery image in your one plus x like the TWRP recovery.

Download the TWRP recovery file for One plus x.

Download SuperSU for OnePlus X and transfer it to the internal storage of One plus using the USB cable

How to Instal Custom Recovery Image TWRP recovery on OnePlus X

After downloading the TWRP recovery file copy it and paste it in the Fastboot and ADB tools directory. Rename it to “img”

Boot your device into Bootloader menu. to enter the Bootloader menu in OnePlus X you can press the power up + Volume Up. this will make your One Plus X enter in Bootloader menu.

After entering the Bootload Menu in OnePlus X, Connect the device to the PC using the USB cable.

The drivers of your One Plus X will get installed automatically

Now go to the folder that you have placed the recovery image file and open a command window from there. you can do it by pressing the shift key along with the right click button, from the menu select open command window here.

Now enter the command to check whether your device is booted in fast boot mode.

fastboot devices

You will see your OnePlusX listed here

7. Now to flash the recovery image, you must enter the command given below in the command prompt window.

fastboot flash recovery.img

Now the TWRP recovery image will be flashed in your One Plus x

How to root OnePlus X

Now after Installing a custom TWRP recovery image in your device you can easily root your OnePlus X

First you need to enter the recovery mode in your device, installing a custom recovery image will enable this option.

You can easily enter into the custom recovery image by pressing the volume down + Power button

In the Recovery menu of the OnePlus X, you will need to install the SuperSU file that you have already downloade and have copied into the smartphone

To install, select the install option in the recovery menu, load the SuperSu file that you have copied and hit ok.

You device will be installed with the SuperSU, once finished reboot your device and enjoy a fully Rooted OnePlus X



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