Steps to Install Nubia UI ROM on Lenovo A6000

There are many custom ROMs available in the internet, many of them contains bugs and glitches, many of them brings exciting new features and user interface to your smartphone. One of the best ROMs available out there is the Nubia UI ROM. Today we will tell you how to install Nubia UI ROM on your Lenovo A6000.

This ROM packs with a lot of features including vital power buttons, google assistant, Xposed status bar and many more. Installing this in your Android Smartphone will bring you new and exciting Android Experience. If you want to Install Nubia UI ROM on Lenovo A6000, you can follow the steps given in this article to install the same.

Warning: Please know that installing custom ROM on your device will make you lose the device warranty and please keep that in mind before installing. Also, know that Rooting, flashing, Installing custom ROM, etc. are advanced user procedure. Doing these procedures the wrong way can even brick your device. Please know that we won’t be responsible for any loss caused.

Please see the pre-requisites for updating your device.

  • Your Lenovo A6000 should be ROOTED before upgrading the device, Installing a custom required ROOT access.
  • Please charge your Lenovo A6000 before starting the update procedure. Your device must have at least 70% of charge before updating it.
  • Please make a backup of your data in the smartphone, use a backup and restore app do perform the backup. This is a safety procedure for your data in the device.
  • Your Phone’s USB debugging option must be enabled before updating the Lenovo A6000. To enable USB debugging in your device, go to settings and first unhide the Developer option by going into settings > about phone > tap eight times in the build number.
  • Now the Developers option must be shown in the settings, go to settings > developers option > USB debugging and enable it.

How to install NUBIA UI ROM on Lenovo A6000

  1. Download the NUBIA UI ROM file to your computer, you can download it from here.
  2. Download a compatible Google Apps package from here
  3. Using the USB cable of your device. Connect it to your PC.
  4. Transfer the Downloaded files to the internal storage of the Lenovo A6000, after Copying the file Disconnect your Lenovo A6000 and Turn off the Device.
  5. Reboot your Lenovo A6000 into Recovery mode. You can easily enter into recovery mode in your Lenovo A6000 by pressing the combination of Volume UP and Power button. You can make the selection in the recovery mode using volume up, down and power.
  6. Wipe the system using Cache and Dalvik cache.
  7. After wiping every data in the device, you can install the firmware. Go to the recovery mode and select “install from SD card.”
  8. Select the Firmware file that you have copied earlier to your device.
  9. After the installation of the firmware, install the Google apps file by repeating same steps.
  10. After the Both files have installed, reboot your system using the reboot option from the recovery mode.


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