Steps to Install MIUI 7 rom on Lenovo A6000

People who own the Lenovo A6000 can update their device with the latest MIUI 7 ROM on your Lenovo A6000. in this guide, we will tell you how to update your device with the ROM. this ROM might be familiar with you because this ROM seems similar to the user interface in the Xiaomi smartphones. MIUI is the ROM that can be used on Xiaomi smartphones and the latest version which is available in the devices is MIUI 7. users who want to update their device with the ROM can use this guide to update their Lenovo A6000.

Please note that installing a custom ROM in your device is an advanced process and should be handled with care. this process is only recommended to advanced users. please note that we won’t be taking any responsibility if you have bricked your device. the whole process is on your own risk.


  • Please make sure you device is having root access before  you start the rooting process.
  • please make sure that you have charged your Lenovo a6000 before the rooting process. please make sure that it is having at least of 70% charge in it.
  • please backup your data before you start the process. because there is a chance of loosing your data. you can back it up using a backup and restore app
  • please enable USB debugging option in your device. to enable first unhide the developers option. Settings > about phone > tap several times 7-10 on built number and you will see the developer option in the settings now. go to settings > developers option > enable USB debugging

Steps to install MIUI 7 on Lenovo A6000

  • Download the  MIUI 7 ROM file for Lenovo A6000 from here.
  • Download Google Apps from this link.
  • connect your device with the help of the USB cable.
  • Copy the download files to the internal memory of your device
  • disconnect your Lenovo A6000 and shut it down. enter the recovery mode of your device by pressing the combination of volume up + power button. this will enter into the recovery mode in your device.
  • First of all perform a system wipe. to navigate through the recovery mode use volume up and down buttons and power button to perform a selection
  • to perform a system wipe, you must go to data, cache, and Dalvik cache and wipe it.
  • after finishing the wiping process, install the ROM from the SD card using install zip from SD card 
  • select the ROM file that you have already copied and install it.
  • after this install the google apps file by performing the same actions.
  • reboot your device.


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