Root T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 with Android 6.0 Marshmallow UVU2DOK5

Many users have installed a leaked Android 6.0 Marshmallow UVU2DOK5 update in their  T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 devices. This is an official leaked update, so this update will come with Samsung’s bloatware and security add-ons. So users who have already installed this firmware in the device then they must be waiting to root their device to customize the device a they like. Rooting the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 running onAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow UVU2DOK5 by following this method that we are going to tell you now.

First of letting me say that this is more of a complicated method to root your phone. You will be rooting the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 with a new version of the SuperSU, you will also be needing to flash a custom kernel and how to get a TWRP recovery on your device.

Please note that you must perform the tutorial with utmost care that there is a chance of bricking your device. And you will be losing the warranty of the device perfomring this action.

Note that the Knox will be tripped if you choose to insatll a custom kernal and a custom recovey image in your device which will eventually ensusre root access on your t-mobile Samsung Glaxy Note 5.

And please note that you are performing this methord only in the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 because this methord will only work in the  T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 which is running in Android 6.0 Marshmallow UVU2DOK5 firmware, any other will mess the device up.

Performing the root access also consists of installing a Custom Kernal and also installing a TWRP Recovery software. by using the custom recovery image you are going to insatll the SuperSU root exploit. you can also use this custom recovery image which will stay in your device to tweak many other options in the device later on.

Make a backup of your personal data before prforming this operation.

Download the latest Odin software to your system and also make sure that you have insatlled the latest T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 drivers on your system.

Please make sure that you have disable the Samsung Kies software and all the firewall and antivirus before performing the operation, this is needed to perform a clean installation.

Enable USB debugging in your device, to enable go to the settigns and tap in the build number for 7 times, the developer option menu will be shown in the settings. go to the developer options and eneable usb debugging.

Please make sure that your device is having more than 60 % of charge before performing this operation.

How to Root T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on Android 6.0 Marshmallow UVU2DOK5 Firmware

Download the Firmware and neccessary files to your computer and save it in the desktop before perfomring the operation. like the custom kernel, the TWRP recovery file, and the SuperSU package

Download the latest Odin to your system and install it in your computer.

Please Turn off your device and enter into download mode.

Run odin and connect your smartphone using a usb cable, odin will show a added message, if not reinstall the usb drivers of your android device in your computer and repaeat the steps.

Now in the Odin software select the PA option and load the custom kernal.

Please uncheck the Re-partition and Auto Reboot options and click start to start the operation.

Reapeat the operation once again to insatll the TWRP recovery file.

after the process is finished, copy the SuperSu file to your device SD card and and shut down your smartphone after unplugging it from the computer.

Enter into recovey mode in your system.

choose the option install from SD card and choose the file that you have copied.

After the installation process is done, select the reboot now option to reboot.

If the device is gone intoa boot loop then go to the recovery mode and wipe your system by sleelcting the “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”.

now your device is rooted.




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