Update Galaxy S4 I9505 with Rooted Android 5.0.1 Lollipop Stock Firmware

Update Galaxy S4 I9505 with Rooted Android 5.0.1 Lollipop Stock Firmware

Samsung has launched the latest Android Lollipop update for their Galaxy S4 model running on Snapdragon 600. However, the installation of this firmware may reduce the chances for rooting your device.

Tyxerakias, the recognized senior XDA member, has given an update for those who fear of losing their rooting option in such a manner.

For doing the above procedure, you need the Mobile Odin Pro app for Windows and the bootloader.tar file. You must note down that it will not deny the access for performing rooting as well as warranty for the device provided by the manufacturer.

Here are the steps for doing the same. Make sure that you’re following it properly devoid of any errors.

Steps to install rooted Android 5.0.1 Lollipop stock firmware on Galaxy S4 I9505 without tripping Knox:

Step 1: Begin the installation process by downloading Android 5.0.1 firmware for your Galaxy S4.

Step 2: Now, download SuperSU v2.46.

Step 3: Also, you can download Bootloader firmware and then Odin 3.09.

Step 5: Download and install the drivers for Samsung.

Step 6: Move the Android Lollipop and SuperSU v2.46 files to the internal storage of your device.

Step 7: Carry on with the factory reset option in your device.

Step 8: You can install SuperSU and Mobile Odin Pro available on Google Play Store now. With the help of Titanium app, create a backup as well.

Step 9: Now, install Mobile Odin Pro. Accept the files required for downloading from the server.

Step 10: Click on Open File and select the .tar.md5 firmware file.

Step 11: Now, install the firmware file. Select Enable EverRoot and move further by leaving the other options. You can install the firmware now.

Step 12: It’ll take some time for the applications to load properly. Once it’s done, then your device will enter the recovery mode.

Step 13: Switch off your device now and enter into the Download Mode.

Step 14: Be prepared to run Odin 3.09 on your PC. Select BL tab in Odin.

Step 15: With the help of a USB cord, click on Start button. Wait until the Pass message displays on the screen.

Step 16: Carry on further with the factory reset option. Follow the same steps for downloading SuperSU as well.

It’s done now. You can start enjoying the brand new features of your Galaxy S4 running on Samsung’s stock Android Lollipop firmware rooted with Knox flasg at 0x0.

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