How to Install TWRP Recovery and Root HTC Butterfly 3

HTC Butterfly is one the latest models from HTC, many users of this device are looking on how to explore the possibilities of this device by installing a custom ROM, Rooting and unlocking the device, today we will tell you how to install a custom recovery image on your HTC Butterfly 3. we will also explain on how to root your HTC Butterfly 3. Installing a TWRP Recovery image is a process that will make your device enter the recovery menu, and you can perform the ROOT operations after installing a custom recovery image. You can install many custom ROMS on your device after completing this process on your device.

TWRP recovery image that is going to be flashed is supported by the internal system of your device, and you can root your device with the SuperSU after installing a custom recovery image on your device. This will make you gain root access on your device. Installing a custom recovery image is must root your device using this procedure so using this tutorial you can root your device as well as install a custom recovery image on your device.

Installing a custom recovery image on your device is not an official process, so after installing a custom recovery image on your device, you will lose the warranty of the device since it is not an official operation. Please also think twice before starting the process, if you want to unlock the possibilities and stay with the warranty of the device.

Installing a custom recovery image on your device that is the TWRP recovery in your device can unlock many features in the device, this is dedicated custom recovery image that will allow you to make Nandroid backup and install custom ROMS on your device. With root access, you can remove the bloatware and remove factory restrictions in the phone. You can also overclock and under volt CPU frequencies. And install many apps that can tweak your device into a new level.

  • Before starting all this procedures, the bootloader of the phone must be unlocked, and you can perform it quickly by checking out the tutorial that we have shared earlier. Also on please, check the prerequisites before starting the operation.
  • You must have a computer and a USB cable to perform this action. Also please install the drivers for your HTC Butterfly 3 on your PC.
  • Download and Install Android SDK to perform the root process.
  • Please enable developers option in your phone by going into settings > about phone > tap several times in the built number > the developers options will be unhidden in the settings.
  • In Developers options, please enable USB debugging. to enable USB debugging go to settings > developers option > enable USB debugging.
  • Please make sure that you have backups of the data on your device before starting the procedure. Backup important data like contacts, call logs, IMEI / NVRAM data, etc., you can utilize a backup and restore app that is available in the play store.
  • Please charge your phone to more than 60% percentage of charge before starting the procedure. Insufficient charge may interrupt the process and lead into bricking of your device.

How to Flash TWRP Recovery and Root HTC Butterfly 3

  1. Download the Recovery image which is TWRP and boot image from here 
  2. copy the files into the Android SDK Folder.
  3. Extract the b3 recovery package that you downloaded and you will get all the required file.
  4. Please download the SuperSU package from here.
  5. Please connect your device using the USB cable to your computer and copy the SuperSu file that you have downloaded into the computer, disconnect the device after copying.
  6. Shut down your phone and reboot the Bootloader in the HTC Butterfly 3. connect the device again using the USB cable.
  7. Go to the directory where you have copied the recovery image files and open a command window from the directory.
  8. To open a command window press shift and right click. Select, open command window from here.
  9. Enter the command to list the fast boot devices. Enter “fast boot devices” in the command window and your device will be shown in the list. If not shown repeat the step reinstalling the USB drivers of your smartphone.
  10. To install the TWRP recovery image in your device enter the command “fastboot flash boot b3twrp.img”
  11. you can now enter the newly installed recovery menu to install the SuperSu, you can enter by the usual method, or you can enter the “fastboot boot b3twrp.img” in the cmd window.
  12. To install the SuperSU file, go to install option in the recovery menu and select the SuperSU file that you have copied to your device and install it.
  13. As the final step flash the boot image by entering “fast boot flash boot stockboot.img” in the command window.
  14. Reboot your device and enjoy the new HTC Butterfly 3.

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