How to Enter into Recovery Mode on Rooted and Locked Android Devices

An OS that can improve and customised based on the likes of the user, it is the advantage of the Android OS. It is an OS that can be enhanced and customised. You can improve the user interface, the design, the battery or you can even entirely change the ROM of an Android device. You can install many custom ROM’s in your device. To do this, you must perform various operations to enable it. One of this operations is how to enter into the recovery mode. Many people are looking on how to enter into recovery mode on the rooted and locked device. Im telling you how to enter on both rooted and locked device.

All Android device will be preinstalled with the stock recovery image that will help the user on many operations like installing apps from the SD card, backup the data, performing maintenance procedure, etc. but this is restricted to an extent, when you want to perform installing of unofficial methods like installing custom ROM’S the stock image is useless. So the user must carry out the insatllation of the custom image instead of the default one. This might also mean you must be needing to root your device.

There are many options when looking to install a custom image, but the most preferred and popular one is the CWM and TWRP recovery. Today I’m telling you how to replace your default one with these.

As I have already mentioned. Sometimes changing your image recovery consists of rooting your device. And some handset manufacturers forbid the users to root their device by taking the warranty off. Rooting your device will take your devices warranty off.

To enter into the recovery mode usually consists of pressing several buttons on your Android device. To enter, you must turn off your handset and press the power and volume up buttons at the same time, and it will lead you to the recovery mode. But for most cases this won’t be working for many users. So here are other ways to enter into the recovery mode.

How to Enter Into recovery mode on Rooted Android device

  • This is the easiest way that is to enter into recovery in a rooted device.
  • Download a root tool from the play store to your device.
  • Seach for Quick boot tool in the play store, download it.
  • Install the software and run the software on your device.
  • You can find many options available in the software like (Recovery, Reboot, Bootloader, and Power Off) select Recovery
  • Your device will now reboot into recovery mode.

How to Enter into Recovery mode on devices which is not rooted

  • You will-will need a PC to do this job
  • You will also need a USB cable to connect your device
  • Enable USB debugging option in your device by going into phones menu, developer options, USB debugging ( if you can’t find the options tap seven times in the build number and the option will be shown)
  • Install Android SDK on your device, download it and install.
  • Connect your Android device using USB cable.
  • Go to the fast boot folder on your PC
  • open the command prompt window and type in “ADB reboot recovery.”
  • now your handset will boot into recovery mode.


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