How to Enter into Recovery Mode on LG V10

LG is one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers in India. this company have released a new smartphone named as the V10. This device is popular for its best of class features and specs along with the appealing design that LG managed to pack with the device. However, this device seems a lot similar to the previously launched device LG G3 but folks, this is totally new device when it comes to performance packed with an awesome design.

I will tell you about the advanced features and how to use a smartphone with its full effect. Let’s check out how you can Enter into Recovery Mode on the LG V10 and how to operate and basically what it is.

First of all, let me say that the LG V10 packs with pre-installed with the stock Android recovery image and the recovery image are hidden from the default menu of the device. so a user must perform a dedicated reboot operation to enter into the recovery mode of the device.

and what if your device already runs on a recovery image? there is no point in the tutorials that tell you how to flash TWRP recovery and other software? if you are confused with this question. the note that there are two types of recovery modes, The stock ROMS which is pre-installed in the android based devices, and custom ROMS that can be later flashed and can be used as another option as stock software.

are you thinking that why to use a custom recovery image on your device? the answer is quite simple. when the user is using a custom ROM in the system then the user will have to deal with a lot of security restrictions that is already set by default. if the user is using a recovery image then the user can access, modify and optimise the whole system with the likes of the user. as in short, upgrading into a custom ROM will give you unlimited possibilities

How to Enter into Recovery Mode on LG V10

Classic Method

  1. The classic way of entering into the recovery mode is by applying the hardware reboot.
  2. The first step is powering off your smartphone. hold down the power key for a few minutes and click it once again to select the power off.
  3. Now press the volume down along with the power button until it enters into the recovery mode.
  4. If this method is not working, then press down the volume down and power button until the logo of the LG is displayed. release the button just at the moment when the logo appears and again press the buttons, this will make it enter into the recovery mode.
  5. you can re-enter into the android by selecting the reboot system no option.

Enter into Recovery Mode by Using a dedicated ADB command

Entering into recovery mode by using an ADB command is a more complex method. you will be needing a computer to perform this operation. install the android SDK. install the phone drivers, enable developer options by going into the phone settings. from the menu- settings developer options. enable the USB debugging option.

  1. Go to the Android SDK folder in your PC.
  2. connect the device using a USB cable.
  3. from the Android SDK folder, open command prompt in administrator mode. press and hold shift key and right click on any blank space.
  4. type “ADB reboot recovery”
  5. This will lead you into the recovery environment on your device.

Using a dedicated app

if you have already rooted your device, then you can easily enter into the recovery mode by tapping into the google play icon and download the Quick boot app. when you use the app it will ask you if you wanna enter into the recovery menu. following the procedure and it will lead you into the recovery menu.

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