Enter Safe Mode on LG V10 – How to ?

Safe mode is a thing that every Windows user must be heard of. Entering into the safe mode and fixing software issues is common among Windows users. And the term safe mode is there for Android users too. Troubleshooting your device is not much a hassle for smart Android users. And by entering into the safe mode, Android users can Troubleshoot their device software issues. We will today show you How to enter into a Safe mode in the Android smartphone, the LG V10.

Today we are telling you how to enter into the safe mode in LG v10 and please note entering into safe mode in similar or same on every Android device and you can use this steps to enter into safe mode in every Android smartphone or tablet.

Please note that the Safe mode is made available officially by Google for its users to troubleshoot small issues by themselves. And so you don’t need to worry if this will lose your device warranty, you won’t. Please know that this method will also work with Rooted or tweaked device with custom ROM’s or anything.

We recommend you to enter safe mode if you are experiencing any software related issues in your smartphone. You won’t be able to run any third party apps if you are in the safe mode, so you can know why is the problem caused.

When you get to know that the Android ROM is the reason for the issue. Then there is not use in troubleshooting in the safe mode. Then you must enter into recovery mode and do more complicated procedures.

However, if your device is facing problems that are because of using a third party app or software then entering into safe mode and troubleshooting will rectify your problems. Mostly the issue will be because of apps that contains malware or malware, find and uninstall the problem causing app. you can also rectify issues like boot loops, bugs, lags, force close errors, battery drain and lot of other issues by performing this action.

Please make sure that your device is having more than 50% of battery before you continue to enter into safe mode and also know that this will take a while.

Enter Safe Mode on LG V10 on LG V10

Restart your Android Smartphone.

When the Device is on, press the power button just once, you will see the menu showing reboot /boot options.

Now Select and Hold the Power off option and hold it until a new option, Turn on Safe mode is displayed.

Select the Safe Mode option to enter it.


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