AT&T-driven HTC One (M8) users Receives Android 5.0 OS update in US

HTC has agreed to give the Android 5.0 Lollipop update from 8 April onwards to the HTC One M8 users who have subscribed to AT&T’s WLAN services in US.

AT&T-driven HTC One (M8) users Receives Android 5.0 OS update in US

It has been officially announced by Mo Versi, HTC’s product management vice president, via his twitter account that HTC One M8 users can check out for the Android update via OTA in their Smartphones from the beginning April.

There is no need of going for the manual update; users can do it automatically via their HTC One M8 Smartphones.

Presently, HTC One M8 works on the Android 4.4 (KitKat) OS, which is an outdated version of Android from Google’s platform.

The other major features included in the Android 5.0 OS update for HTC One M8 are:

  • Material Design: It fixes the fluid animations, which helps to run 3-D images precisely.
  • Improved Lock-screen: There are easily accessible options available for your device.
  • Touchwiz: Utmost unique look which excites every user.
  • Floating Action Button: Provides effortless access to the app’s most important features, like creation of a new contact, or composing a new sms.
  • Interruptions: Helps to create events and reminders, phone calls as per the requirement of the user. Changes can also be made instantly.
  • Recents: Directs you to your Chrome tabs via the allotted specific apps page. Multi tasking can be done through the multi-window option.

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